The functional result of good core stability is that when an athlete is performing sporting movement or technique, they are able to maintain the correct posture and alignment.

By maintaining correct posture and alignment, the athlete should have better technique. In a sport like diving, or gymnastics which is dependent to an extent on aesthetics, an athlete would look more controlled. In a running event, enhanced core stability would mean that an athlete would be able to apply force more efficiently, while also helping to reduce the risk of any injury.

Core stability is a key component of training in all sports. It is often about holding ‘correct position' which requires endurance in the body's smaller muscles. Strength and conditioning would target those smaller muscles – the abdominals, the obliques, the lower back, the pelvic area and the gluteals – by proscribing exercises that train the body to hold specific positions.

In our strength and conditioning programs core stability is the base for all. Without a good balanced core stability athlete can´t get the best out of him / herself. Also the possibility of injuries is bigger when ahtletes core is not in good shape.