Developing speed and agility in sport is specific to the game or sport an athlete plays. In team sports, it differs from the technique of a 100m sprinter, in that the track athlete can run flat-out, with maximum stride length and stride rate in a straight line. Acceleration and the ability to change direction rapidly are key things in team sports. Agility involves the control of movements, speed, quickness of thought and usually the ability to change momentum whether that's from side to side, or a change in pace.

When working with an athlete, we would start by analysing the movements required in that particular sport. It is important to have the combined coordination of your hands, legs and core in balance to be able to maximize the improvement of your physical abilities.

To improve speed and agility, we must include specific workouts targeting that physical quality into the weekly programme of an athlete, in addition to the endurance or strength training they were doing.

To produce an enhancement in performance at elite level, requirements of what the player or sport specifically needs are carefully considered, before drills which develop the skills are designed, mostly concentrating on acceleration and change of direction.

Improving speed and agility is more of a skill, than physiological ability, such as strength. Most training sessions would involve very specific, high-quality sessions, with plenty of rest, rather than lots of reps.