The most consistently successful sport training programs use a systematic approach to develop athletes. To do this, we must have an intimate knowledge of the requirements of the sport and the attributes of individual athletes so that we can prescribe suitable strength and conditioning programs for them. We must then assess the individual strengths and weaknesses of the athletes in the program, using a variety of tests. When we have evaluated the athletes' performance profiles, we can then prescribe individualized training programs that meet the requirements of the event or game. This is how we prepare training plans.

Athletes are more likely to have success if they use planned individualized fitness programs, rather than haphazard, communal methods, where outcomes are left to chance.

Quality coaching leads to improved performance and a better overall sport experience for every athlete. Through our various programs and services, we provide athletes with the necessary foundation of skills, knowledge, and attitudes to foster excellence in sport.


Our mission is to help you to become better in your sport by improving your physical fitness into a new level.

“Off-season is the time for athlete to improve his physical abilities. With individualized strength programs and up today knowledge and methods TOECA is your partner to the next level”

Mikko Makela, former NHL-player